Your Spit Roast & Other Main Course Choices


Here at the Hog Roast Company we believe no one can beat our sizzling spit roasted pigs and lambs but we are equally proud of our other main course choices including roast beef, roasted chicken and turkey.

Hog Roast


Whenever possible we use locally bred and reared Free-Range pigs and or a local meat wholesaler as our spit roast.

By using traditional breeds of pigs that are hardy and can survive the rigors of a British Summer and Winter these pigs will yield tasty and succulent pork

Pigs that have been allowed to grow as nature dictated, and roam freely around getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, tend to be healthier giving a leaner meat.

Our hogs are roasted on the spit in our CE approved spit roast machine for between 5 and 6 hours. Because the machines rotate slowly during the cooking and in effect self baste themselves you can be assured that it will be the most tender and well cooked hog possible.

The Hog Roast Company has tried every way imaginable to get the best crackling off a spit roasted hog and believe that we now have it down to a fine art. Being crunchy, bubbly and with just the right amount of saltiness.

The chef will carve your hog into heated chafing dishes ready to be served from a buffet station ensuring the meat is piping hot for all your guests.

Traditionally served with:

  • Bramley Apple Sauce
  • Stilton and Mushroom Stuffing (price on request)
  • Mustard
  • Bread Rolls

The hog can be accompanied by hot vegetables and homemade roasting gravy for a traditional roast dinner or with freshly prepared cold salads for a light and refreshing summer meal. Or why not have it simply on its own, in bread rolls, for a hearty snack.

We offer a range of salad & hot vegetable side dishes to accompany your spit-roast main course.

Hog-Roast Machine

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Hog Roast Chef

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Lamb Roast


We pride ourselves on only using and supplying fresh English or Welsh Lambs for all our spit roasts. The New Zealand lambs are smaller in size and will have been frozen on their long journey over to England. We believe that this affects the quality and taste of the meat and so will never use them.

Our lambs are roasted on the spit French style and will be studded with Garlic and coated in a marinade of Olive oil, Wholegrain Mustards and Fresh Home grown Rosemary. This marinade brings out all the flavour and natural sweetness to the lamb, without overpowering it, giving you a truly spectacular and mouth-watering meal.

Our lambs are roasted on the spit in our CE approved spit roast machines for up to 3 hours. The machines rotate slowly during cooking retaining and basting the meat in its own juices.

Whilst lamb can be eaten and enjoyed cooked to medium, we generally (unless asked) will cook it to a more well done finish. Whilst still keeping it moist and tender.

Traditionally served with:

  • Mint Sauce
  • Redcurrant Jelly
  • Mustard
  • Bread Rolls

Serve the lamb with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a homemade roasting gravy for a traditional “Sunday” roast or with freshly made salads for a lighter and refreshing meal.

We offer a range of salad & hot vegetable side dishes to accompany your spit-roast main course.

Roast Lamb on the Spit

Roast Lamb on the Spit

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Roast Beef Carvery


The Great British Sunday Roast Classic. Who can resist it?

We try whenever feasible to use organic beef. However when this is not seasonally possible we ensure that we only use and supply the finest joints of Scottish Beef.

Rump or fore rib of beef roasted to perfection by our chefs. We will cook the meat to “medium” for a tender and succulent roast. If preferred we can cook to rare or even well done, but we aim for medium, to please all your guests.

Our CE approved spit roast machine have been fitted with a rotisserie attachment for cooking joints of meat. This allows the meat to baste in its own juices and be evenly cooked all the way through. To ensure that your beef retains all its flavour the joints will be seared in a hot pan before going in to the machine or oven.

We also have a range of Blue Seal Turbo ovens which allow us to accurately control the cooking and holding time of the meat.

The beef can be served in to bread rolls for a warm and delicious snack or served as a meal.

Traditionally served with:

  • Yorkshire Puddings
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Hot Seasonal Vegetables
  • Homemade Roasting Gravy
  • Horseradish Sauce
  • Mustard

This popular and much loved meal is sure to be a hit amongst your guests whatever the weather.

Tender Roast Beef

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Roast Chicken or Turkey


As an alternative to pork, beef or lamb why not consider a Free Range or Organic chicken.

We have long believed that ethically reared Free Range or Organic chickens have the best flavour and texture to the meat. This is why, whenever possible, we strive to source only locally grown Free Range or Organic birds.

Chicken really can be a viable catering choice for large numbers of guests. We have a range of Blue-Seal Turbo Ovens that allow us to cook, evenly, up to 26 chickens at a time.

Or why not try a turkey crown? It is often considered a Christmas meat and ignored through the rest of the year but turkey has a wonderful taste.

All our chickens and turkey crowns are spread with seasoned butter, under the skin, before cooking. This allows the bird to baste during cooking giving it a lovely flavour, a moist tender meat, with a crispy brown skin.

Traditionally served with:

  • Sage seasoned Stuffing
  • Bread Sauce
  • Bacon Rollers
  • Roast Potatoes
  • Hot Seasonal vegetables
  • Homemade Poultry Gravy
  • Cranberry Sauce

We offer a range of salad & hot vegetable side dishes to accompany your Chicken or Turkey main course.

Roasted Chicken Catering

Roasted Turkey Catering

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