Your Giant Pan Paella Choices


With a range of free standing and attractive giant Paella pans we are now able to offer your guests something a little different. These pans are safe to use inside a building and therefore your Paella can be cooked in front of your guests and served straight from the pan, giving that “Wow” factor to any event.

Whenever possible we try to use organic, free range or wild seafood products. However, due to seasonal demands we sometimes need to source them from a local fish and shellfish wholesaler. Our Paellas are made with sticky rice and allowed to brown crisp on the bottom of the pan to give the Paella its characteristic texture and flavour.

Seafood – Cooked to a traditional Spanish (Valencia) recipe this Paella contains a mixture of seafood, poultry and vegetables. It is flavoured with herbs, spices, wine and tomatoes and packed full of chicken, chorizo, freshwater and Tiger prawns, Surimi, Squid, shelled & Green Bay mussels.

Vegetable – Not to be left out we have adapted the recipe to accommodate the herbivores amongst your guests. We believe that the vegetarian alternative should be just as mouth-watering and appetizing as the main dish. The rice is seasoned and flavoured in the same way (without the fish and chicken stock) and crammed full of vegetables and pulses.

The pans are very versatile and so can be used to cook a wide range of other dishes such as Jambalaya, Chilli Con Carne, Spaghetti Bolognaise or Carbonara. Prices for these items are available on request.




Plated Seafood Paella Catering

Giant Valencia Paella Pan

Seafood Paella cooking in giant Pan

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