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Everything you ever wanted to know about Spit Roasts but were afraid to ask.

Before you use our online quote for your event, here is a little background to help you understand what is offered by The Hog Roast Company.

About Our Machines

One of the big differences between The Hog Roast Company and some part time Spit-Roasters is the quality of our equipment.

Our CE approved spit roast machines make carving the succulent meat easy, from waste height. Our machines are reliable, fully automatic, purpose built and British made.

These spit roast machines are the only ones on the market that give consistent results time after time. They are user friendly, ergonomic and fully automatic for use inside or outside your venue.

Non CE approved spit roast machines are often homemade are both unsafe and unreliable in their results. There have been some high-profile cases where poor equipment resulted in undercooked meat being served at events and guests becoming ill as a result. Not a risk you want to take for your event you would no doubt agree.

Additionally a non CE approved spit roast machine or static hog oven can invalidate household insurance policies and may actually be illegal to hire or use in public places.


Roasting Hog on a Spit

Spit Roast Machine

Carving a Hog-Roast

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Chef & Assistant Spit-Roast Catering

We do everything.

By using our online catering quote or by chatting with us on the phone we can put together a catering package for any event. The heart of our catering business is obviously our celebrated Spit-Roast options.

We offer a wide array of additional dishes to complement your Lamb, Hog, Beef, Chicken or Turkey Spit Roast. Please take a look at our Menus page for just a few of our ideas we can provide for your guests.

We are unusual among outside caterers because we own all our own equipment. This means we are not reliant on additional caterers or insecure hire arrangements during the hectic summer months. As a result we can offer you complete confidence that your job will be handled professionally and smoothly however large or small.

Your guests will be absolutely delighted with our succulent Roast Hogs or Lambs. As well as being delicious, the public spectacle of the roasting meat is crucial in helping make your gathering a memorable occasion.

Our professional chefs will be happy to cater to any special requirements you may have including a range of delicious vegetarian options.


Roast Hog

Hog Roast Chefs

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Hog in a Bun Spit-Roast Catering

This is a new option recently added to our online quote page.

We have found that many groups need a simple, cost-effective way to feed their guests in an informal setting. For this option we skip the buffet table and provide basic staff to serve your guests with a simple burger station.

Our pork roasts with Apple Sauce and fresh Baked Rolls are always a hit. We can do the same with our Lamb Roast and Mint Sauce.

Other options would be our home-made Beefburgers, Roast Beef, Rotisserie Chicken or Sausage buns.

Our Meat-in-a-Bun pricing is our way of responding to a need we have seen occur often at sporting events, schools, universities and charity functions. This is our no-hassle, economical people-feeding option.

Spit Roast Chef

Roasting Pig

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DIY Spit-Roast Machines with prepared Hog or Lamb

You can save 40% - 60% off catered prices with a fully automatic DIY Spit Rotisserie.

This option is very popular for guest numbers below 100. You receive the same high quality machines used in our catered service but you operate them and carve the meat yourself.

We fully prepare the machine for pick-up or delivery. Our Spit-Roast machines come racked with hog, lamb, beef or chickens and are literally, "press 2 buttons & go". Fuel, tools and instructions are provided.

Hog Roast Chef Buffet

Hog Roast Buffet Staff

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DIY Spit Roast Machine Hire

This is not always the right option for most people but if you have access to your own whole pig or lamb and have the expertise to rack and prepare it, then we can offer the option of hiring one of our CE approved spit-roast machines.

These machines can be easily manoeuvered on wheels and do not smoke or make any mess.

Spit roast machine-only hire is available on a 24 hour basis with a gas bottle included. The client is responsible for collections, cleaning and return.

View our range of DIY Hog Roast Equipment for Hire

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